Abstract Illusions

What is an abstract illusion? A phrase not too many people are familiar with.

The definition of “abstract” in a dictionary, besides being often referred to as a form of art, is something that only exists as an idea. Meanwhile, “illusion” is defined as something that deceives by producing a false impression.

As you look at Avedis’ work, you might wonder if what you are looking at is a photograph of a painting or just a photograph. Being neither one nor the other by themselves, he captured the essence of both, producing an illusion of a painting through his camera.

The process of producing this false impression came about by years of experimenting with dyes and incorporating the dyes into Avedis’ photographic work. First he injects the dyes with a hypodermic needle on a film and allows the dyes to discover their own form. Later, he begins to control the shapes with very fine brush and air gun to direct the flow and create unusual textures.

Since Avedis cannot keep the shapes and the flow for more than a few seconds, he photographs the final design on transparency film, which allows him to enlarge the design on photographic paper or canvas.


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