As a resident of New York City for over 40 years, as a photographer, designer & frustrated architect, I wanted to show the diversity of the city's buildings: the old and the new. I saw a landmark buildings reflected onto all glass modern towers, the fragmented & distorted images from the reflections that created a conceptual art most tourists as well as native New Yorkers never notice. 


Manhattan, the epicenter of skyscrapers became an overwhelming canvas. I felt like I was listening to Beethoven's Ninth: many soft & hard sounds, I also saw positive & negative, harmony & disorder to the city that I call home. The more I walked through the endless maze of the city, the more I noticed the ricochets of the buildings, I felt like I was looking at a tapestry from the reverse side of a woven fabric. My new discory of the reflections was like finding a hidden staircase of an old house.  


The square grids of the modern towers reminded me of Mondrian paintings and the effects of the reflections transformed the images to a touch of George Braque or Picasso cubist paintings.  


© 2012 Avedis Art. New York, NY