A​bstract Illusions

Year of production: 2012 (paintings created in 1989)

Running Time: 58 sec.

Abstract Illusions is a visual and musical journey through Avedis' exploration of creating images that may be photographs or photographs of paintings. The video montage of Avedis' paintings, which were created through the experimental use of dyes injected onto film and shaped with a fine brush and air gun, takes the viewer on an ethereal journey through color and motion.

Spring Interrupted


Year of production: 2008

Running Time: 90 sec.

In Spring Interrupted, Avedis composes a whimsical tale of the coming of Spring. Colorful floral images are manipulated, layered and blended into intricate, intersecting patterns that dance to the rhythms of the score, creating a choreographed visual celebration of the season's renewal.

© 2012 Avedis Art. New York, NY